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10 Simple Things SMB Websites Need To Fix Before SEO

Posted by admin on Mar 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

So, if you are one of the lucky millions with a crappy Web presence, here are some things you can do to de-crapify your site.

  1. Put Your Phone Number At The Top Of Every Page In Big Font Sounds obvious, right? But, millions of sites don’t do this. According to a report by VSplash, “six out of ten SMB websites in the U.S. are missing either a local or toll-free telephone number on the home page to contact the business.” Small business owners are always talking about how they want “calls not clicks.” Put your phone number in people’s faces. That might help.
  2. Understand Your Customer’s Objectives Many small and local business websites are a home page with some kind of “welcome” message and/or marketing text, an image or two, and a couple of tabs — usually Services, About, Contact, etc.
    Your business likely has a variety of different types of customers who are looking for different things, and when they land on any page of your website, it should be crystal clear how to find what they are looking for immediately.
    This is no easy task, particularly for large websites with lots of content. A recent example I looked at was a veterinarian site that just had Services, Contact and Events tabs.
    While it’s not rocket science for a visitor to click on the Services tab to find that the vet provides services for horses, providing navigation that prominently identifies the animal types the vet works with would help. Navigation links like Dogs, Cats, Horses, Duckbill Platypus, etc. are much more likely to be of interest to people with sick pets than your next street fair appearance.
  3. Create Content That Focuses On Your Customers’ Needs You’ll find this one repeated everywhere there is a search marketing guru, but it’s perhaps one of the most effective things you can do to bring qualified leads to your website with the hopes of converting them.
    Offline, when you are selling a customer, you do it by answering common questions, telling them how you do things, providing them with pricing and timing information, etc. It’s no different with your website.
    In our above Vet example, perhaps the site could explain how they deal with the typical Duckbill Platypus maladies. If you’re at a loss for content ideas for your site, consult How To Create Content When You’d Rather Be Doing Something Else.
  4. Don’t Use Clip Art! You’re a cheap guy, right? That’s how you’ve become overlord of your vast SMB empire. But, just because you are cheap doesn’t mean your website has to look cheap (unless, of course, that is what your brand is all about, such as, Cheap Harry’s Auto Repair).
    Use of clip art is a serious offense. There are plenty of inexpensive design services that can supply you with decent-looking artwork for your site. Try ODesk, Elance, 99Designs or better yet, the local high school art class.
    You can always upload a nice photo, too. Show your company vehicles and your location. Maybe show yourself or your employees at work. People want to do business with people, not clip-art models, and definitely not with that chick sitting on the floor with a laptop raising both arms in triumph. Can we please just retire her?
  5. Add Testimonials Potential customers want to see that other human beings find your services valuable. Adding a few quotes from happy customers can do a lot to help sell people on your service. Just make sure they are real quotes. If you don’t have any, grab some from a third-party review site like Yelp, which leads us to the need for trust.
  6. Add Trust Marks Just like testimonials, trust marks — logos from services that provide some kind of validation of how good or trustworthy a business is — can go a long way toward helping someone, who has never heard of you before, feel good about making a purchase on your site, sending you an email or picking up the phone.
    Logos from organizations like the BBB, the local business association, or even the local soccer league will do the trick.
  7. Add Conversion Messages To Your Landing Pages (And All Your Pages) For each page on your site, you would ideally craft conversion messages relevant to the content (e.g., “Is Your Duckbill Platypus Sick? Call Us Now!”). You may even want to test putting a “contact us for a free estimate” message in front of visitors that request the content using a lightbox type pop-up approach. One client increased inbound leads by 300% just using this simple technique.
  8. Qualify Your Visitors I love sites that take visitors through a simple set of questions designed to segment them (e.g., budget, nature of their problem, timing, size of their company, title, location, etc.). This method can help you push the visitor to the right content, product, salesperson, etc. While it could also reduce the number of inbound leads, those leads that come in should be of much higher quality because they’ve been qualified.
  9. Keep Your Address, Hours & Event Calendars Up To Date Goes without saying right? You’d be surprised. Or maybe you wouldn’t…
  10. Improving Conversion Tends To Have a Faster ROI Than Improving SEO Let’s say you make $100 every time someone fills out a form on your website. If your site converts 1% of all visitors, you make $1 for every visitor that shows up. Double that to 2% and you make $2. If it costs you $1,000 to get to 2%, the improvements will pay for themselves after 500 visitors. Everything after that is gravy.
  11. If you had invested that same $1,000 in SEO instead and conversion stayed at 1%, you would need to get 1,000 additional visitors from SEO to break even. And while good SEO can last for a while, inevitably you would have to keep reinvesting in it over time to maintain the traffic. You’ll want to keep reinvesting in improving conversion optimization too; but like I said, the ROI will be much more immediate. And, who doesn’t like that? Now, go fix that crappy site already. It’s just embarrassing.
    Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author from .

SEO: Websites need SEO or you just won’t get the right kind of visitors

Posted by admin on Mar 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

If you are planning to get a website, and planning to make money through that website, it is not a good idea to go for the cheapest site you can get. You are better to spend that extra money and have your website optimized for search engines, so your potential clients are able find your website. You have a business that offers guided wildlife and scenic photographic tours, all accommodation and transportation cost you are thinking about getting, or need your present website rebuilt. When you think of a website, if you can compare it to the price a brochure, a website is by far cheaper than brochures. It would it cost approximately $15,000-$20,000 to have 50,000 professional brochures designed, printed in full color, delivered to you and distributed through local tourist information centers, travel agents etc. Then of course there the whole cost again in 6-9 months. If you spent that same initial amount having a professional website built and extensive SEO (which I will explain later) work done on the website, you could realistically expect to have at least 10,000 new visitors to your website each month. By the time, the site was 6 months old, and 20,000 new visitors plus returning ones by the time the site was a year old. People all over the world can visit it the website year round, unlike getting changes made to a brochure, small changes cost around $25-$50 each or you can do them yourself if you choose to have a CMS website.

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We are in Media … Times of India & Economic Times

Posted by admin on Mar 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Why website development is booming in Noida

Source :

NOIDA: The demand for skilled website developers is on the rise. Noida, well known for being the IT hub of NCR, has gained a reputation for being the centre for website developers. Industry insiders say that Noida is poised to play a bigger role in leading the technology drive across the country. Most players are witnessing an annual growth rate of around 25 percent.
There are approximately 200 website designing companies based in Noida according to a simple search on However, this number cannot be confirmed, the number of players is significant according to most players.
“It has been a gradual progression from static website to dynamic website to simple web application for enterprise to complex software development,” says Partho Ghosh, director of Ennovation Techserv, a Noida-based software development company. “Noida has become a practical alternative to Delhi as a website development hub in North India, but there is always a dearth of a quality and reasonably priced service providers. I think the growth rate should be somewhere between 20 and 30 percent,” he said.
The five-year old company provides services in development of websites, web, mobile and software applications. “Our major clientele has been from travel, tourism, finance, retail, manufacturing, education and services. In terms of revenue its 65:35 for corporate to SMB and in terms of number of clients its 40:60,” says Ghosh.
Supporting Partho’s positive outlook, Mithilesh Keshari, director of Dreamzsop Advertising based in Noida says, “Starting own web design business can be exciting and rewarding. As the web continues to grow in size and technological offerings, and the competition for business increases, demand for skilled website developers who can deliver a competitive edge isn’t likely to decrease. This industry will continue to grow at a steady pace of 15 to 18 percent annually.”
We achieved breakeven within the first year and have been attaining a return on investments of almost 25 percent,” adds Keshari and for Ghosh the business has been giving returns and growth close to 60 to 65 percent. For these website makers, over 70 percent of the business comes from Delhi-NCR and other metros but tier-II and III cities are not far behind. “There is no doubt that the demand from the tier-II and III cities are picking up. There has been increase in the number of enquiries by as much as 50 percent year-on-year,” emphasises Ghosh.

Global Dreams

The business of prominent local players is not restricted to India alone. “We have most clients from the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. In terms of revenue it’s approx 65:35 and clients ratio is 25:75,” says Kesri of Dreamzsop. For Ennovations too, the business from foreign market is 70:30 and in terms of clients it will 60: 40 in favour of domestic.

In case of domestic market, the revenue model for players is development cost and maintenance. There are services like SEO that goes on subscription basis. For international market, with development, focus is also on migration, re-engineering, support and maintenance projects.

"Another well-known Noida-based website developer is Fables Technologies. Launched four years back, the company is primarily focussed on outsourced web solution projects. “India is the most favourable destination for offshore outsourcing web-related services to reduce overheads. We deal with overseas client because the ratio of revenues from India to overseas is five times or more,” says Gaurav Kumar, business development manager, Fables. Its overseas market includes the US, Canada, Australia and Malaysia. NCR is the only region it serves in India. “Domestic business has picked up in last two years with revenue share of nearly approx 15 percent. For domestic clients, we do SEO and email marketing and for foreign cos we use online bidding portals like Elance, freelancer, guru etc.”

The marketing strategy used by players is focussed mainly on B2B like SEO, exhibitions, and seminars, SMO etc. In addition online advertisement and search engine promotion are other tools.

According to players in the market, through innovation, organic growth and effective marketing growth can continue. The main challenges in this industry is to make the website up-to-date in terms of programming so get rid of hackers. Client profiling is critical to see that you are choosing the right client and not ending up wasting your time and money.

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Android Market Tops 400,000 Apps

Posted by admin on Jun 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Ian Paul, PCWorld Jan 4, 2012 6:19 AM

Google’s Android Market now hosts more than 400,000 active applications from about 100,000 publishers, with the majority of apps available for free, according to an independent study. The Market’s app store catalog crossed the 400,000 benchmark over the New Year’s weekend, four months after the Market topped 300,000 apps. Earlier in 2011, the Market also took four months to make the jump from 200,000to 300,000 apps, according to Distimo, a metrics firm specializing in mobile application stores.

Distimo’s 400,000 app count includes only active applications and does not include any apps that may have been recently removed from the Market because of claims of copyright infringement or the recent Android malware scare.

While the Android Market jumped by 200,000 apps over the last eight months, Distimo’s report suggests Apple’s App Store is currently growing at a slower rate than its Android rival. Apple’s App Store for iPhone, according to Distimo, required seven months to make the jump from 300,000 to 400,000 in June. There was also an eight-month growth period before that when the iPhone app catalog grew from 200,000 to 300,000 apps. Overall, however, iPhone apps reached 400,000 in 37 months while it took the Android Market 39 months to hit the benchmark, Distimo said.

Distimo separates iPad and iPhone apps as two different application stores. Distimo does not appear to distinguish between tablet and smartphone apps in the Android Market. Taken together, the iPhone and iPad sections of the App Store make up nearly 500,000 apps, according to Distimo’s year-end report released in late December.

Two-thirds free

More than two-thirds of apps in the Android Market are free and that trend appears to be increasing. Distimo says free apps now account for 68 percent of the Android Market, up from 60 percent in April. The analytics firm credits the freemium model — where developers offer an app for free but then sell in-app purchases for better features or more content — as the main driver of the Market’s trend toward free apps.

Despite what may be the Android Market’s faster growing app store with a wider variety of free apps, Apple’s iOS platform is still where the money is for developers. The App Store for iPhone and iPad, counted separately, both beat the Android Market in terms of revenue. Apps for the iPhone alone brought in about four times the revenue of the Android Market, according to Distimo’s year-end report.

Connect with Ian Paul (@ianpaul) on Twitter and Google+, and with Today@PCWorld on Twitter forthe latest tech news and analysis.

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iOS 5 Application Development Benefits & iPhone 5 Features

Posted by admin on Apr 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

iOS 5 Development is very flexible with its new features that can do more than anyone can think.iOS 5 Application Development have provided several requirements and applications that assist iPhone users the best to perform their preferred tasks more easily and speedily. On the other handiOS5 is loaded with so many features like iCloud, notification center, imessage, newsstand, reminders, social networking and many more. The accessible features like camera, safari, mail, calendar, game center and Wi-Fi Sync have been developed with fully improvised features.

iOS 5 includes more than 200 new features that makes everything easier and faster with iPhone 5. Some of the iOS5 features that go further are:

iCloud Storage: iCloud is an automatic and effortless interface to seamlessly integrate all your apps and stores your media files which you can access on all your Apple devices wirelessly. iCloud is easy to set up and simple to use. It updates all your data on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC.

Notification Center: Setting all your alerts in one place. It provides a free way to simply display and handle your app notifications without interrupting any running application. It is improvised and built on the existing notification system, so your existing local and push notifications just works fine and remain updated.

Newsstand: One stop custom news stand with your entire subscriptions. Just one stand to get all the latest concern of your magazines and newspapers directly. Newsstand Kit offers everything that you have to update about new issues in the background, so you can always be in touch with the nearby and recent covers.

Twitter Integration: Tweet directly from your apps using the new Tweet sheet. It supply all of the existing feature with every built-in apps, including URL shortening, updating current location, character count and photo hosting on Twitter. iMessage: A new messaging service that works between all iOS 5 users over Wi-Fi and 3G. iMessage automatically pushes all to iOS 5 devices, making it easy to maintain one conversation across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Storyboards: Storyboards will transform the way you write a bulk interface code and also hand the potential to your development workflow as a whole throughout a team.

Core Image: Generate incredible effects in your camera and image editing with Core Image. It is a framework that offers an uncomplicated approach to improve snaps and videos edit and share them instantly.

Game Center: iOS 5 have a turn-based game support where players can play when they want and Game Center will manage each turn for them so that a player can play at their time. It automatically sent a push notification to the next player via Notification Center and handle multiple game sessions.

OpenGL ES: A new high-level framework that combines the best practices of advanced rendering and texture techniques with the latest OpenGL ES 2.0 features.

Location simulation: Here you can test your location-based features with your app without leaving your desk. Just select from predetermined location and direction within the iOS Simulator and pick a custom latitude and longitude with accuracy while you’re running your simulated app.

Automatic Reference Counting: ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) for Objective-C makes memory management job of the compiler. By permitting ARC with the new Apple LLVM compiler, you will never have to type retain or release again, considerably simplifies the development process, while reducing crashes and memory leaks. By the discrepancy of iOS 5 features one can figure out the complexity of the operating system. Also there are numerous iOS 5 Apps for iPhone 5 so select and get what actually suits your requirements. Consecutively to get an application that serves you the best and fulfills your requirement nicely with other apps for Apple devices.

iOS5 for iPhone Developers: iOS 5 with an updated SDK and over 1,500 new APIs with powerful development tools makes iOS 5 Application Development & iPhone 5 Development easy for Iphone Developers with the advantage of iCloud Storage, Newsstand Kit, Core Image, GLKit, Game Center APIs. Other iOS 5 application frameworks with lots of improvement and bug fixes across several development frameworks includes UIKit, Message UI, OpenAL, Media Player, Map Kit, Game Kit, Event Kit, Core Foundation (Motion, Graphics, Location & Data) Address Book and Security. Thus iOS5 development seems more powerful than ever with iCloud that have great potential to develop new iPhone Applications and Frameworks to make iPhone5 the best. And so is the ease to Hire iPhone Developers or iOS Developers.

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