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Fable Technologies is a solution development company providing all support and services to companies, businesses and individuals in Web, Mobile & Cloud based development projects.

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Fable Technologies is an emerging leader in iPhone and iPad application development. Fable's iPhone app development team aims to shorten the time between conceptual to launch while maintaining quality.

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Fable Technologies is a solution development company providing all support and services to companies, businesses and individuals in Web, Mobile & Cloud based development projects.

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Process we follow for quality project development.

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Our Project Execution Model

We follow simple and interactive process in every project development, We follow following steps :

1. Consulting phase: Defining project requirement by customer.

This is the first and foremost phase where client share his requirement with Fable personnel. After analysis by our business analysts we share detail statement of work, cost estimates for various features, gather client business logic, signs NDA, etc. In this phase client have opportunity to discuss all his queries regarding project development.

2. Proposal submission phase:

In proposal submission, we share our past experience providing details of our quality work, our company expertise and it contains detailed road map solution to develop your project such as SOW, Time Lines, Milestone Delivery, Change Management, Estimates, Feedback Mechanism, etc.

3. Project agreement between Fable & Customer:

After the proposal submission and acceptance of the proposal an agreement is created lawfully to avoid any surprises. The agreement comprises of all the terms, Non-disclosures, project completion date, and much more after mutual-discussion between the client and the Fable. The agreement document is signed by both parties.

4. Initial deposit by project sponsor:

After finalization of contract between client and Fable, An initial deposit is paid by the client / project sponsor.

5. Requirement gathering: Defining Development process, Goals and Direction

After all above initial procedures, the exact requirement of the client is gathered by Fable Project Manager during initial kick-off meeting. The main agenda of this phase to understand the role and responsibilities of all resources who will work on project. Client provides detailed information about his need and the way he wants the whole process to be developed. Fable PM provides detailed project plan, understanding of project specification, and information on communication channels. Escalation matrix & resource allocation, change management, feedback mechanism, testing procedures, etc. We collect sign-off of client on each document so that client and Fable will be on same page of development process. This phase is an important part of the process. And take around 4 - 5 days or depends on project requirement before we initiate the next phase.

6. GUI design phase: User interface designing

After freezing project specifications & wireframes, the project manager provides the wireframes to the designer. The design adds color, sets the alignment, incorporates icons, and creates a visually attractive user-interface. The design is created taking care of the preference of the client.

7. Client feedback and changes:

When the initial design is ready, it is sent to the client for feedback. The client review all the parameters and provide a list of changes which are necessary or not up-to-the-mark. Whatever changes the client asks for is apparently done by the designing team.

8. Client sign-off on design:

The final design is created after all the changes and updates asked by the client. The design is then approved with the client’s consent. After the design is approved by the client, the process of coding and testing is initialized.

9. Secured development phase :

The development team with their respective knowledge and expertise starts with the coding process as per project specification and design files provided to them. They manage the whole process of coding as per project plan. Project Manager responsible for day to day meeting with developers and send the weekly work progress update to client.

10. Testing phase : Unit, Integration, System & Acceptance testing

The developer codes the whole data provided in the requirement specification. After coding the data, testing is necessary. In unit testing, the developer tests the entire coding process at his level. The developer start with integration testing after unit testing. In integration testing, the developer integrate the different modules together to bring flow in the application. After integration testing, Fable QA team do System testing, which includes examining whether the webpage is similar in all the systems with required functionality. Sometimes, if there is a problem in coding, then the webpage is not static in one computer or creates problem while loading in the server. After all the testing is done, it is sent to the client for acceptance testing. Client at his end checks the whole designing and development layout, verify and approves it. After approval our system admin ready to take it live after any remaining formalities from accounts.

11. User acceptance testing :

After deployment of project on live server and users starts using the application. If any issue comes we are here to support you following support terms.

12. Post deployment support :

Support is provided for 6 months to avoid any issues in application. If any problem occurs while handling the application, the technical team provides full support and rectifies the errors with in stipulated time.

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FABLE professionals are very hard working and sincere team, who applies them self well to any problem with a "never say die" approach, wish them success in their efforts !

Great group to work with. Very responsive and professional. Great communication. Was able to accept suggestions and make changes on time. Overall - great experience! Will use this company for my next project.

Sergie SuperCoach , Sports System, Newyork