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Fable Technologies is a solution development company providing all support and services to companies, businesses and individuals in Web, Mobile & Cloud based development projects.

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Fable Technologies is an emerging leader in iPhone and iPad application development. Fable's iPhone app development team aims to shorten the time between conceptual to launch while maintaining quality.

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Fable Technologies is a solution development company providing all support and services to companies, businesses and individuals in Web, Mobile & Cloud based development projects.

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WHAT WE DO E-commerce Website / Applications

Product Catalog - Product Inventory - Payment gateway - Virtual Shopping Cart.

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E-commerce development - Virtual Shops

FABLE E-commerce Solutions offers high-end e-shopping solutions with rich set of features such as establishing, operating and maintaining online carts with minimum costs and efforts. Fable owns the credit of also creating add-ons to further expand the functionalities of these online stores. Its ever expanding and strong community is a proven evidence of the success we have received in this endeavor.

The key attributes of these web-based e-commerce solutions include the following

  • * PHP compatibility with object back-end orientation
  • * Automatic upgrading functionalities
  • * Highly adaptive and easy integration of layouts
  • * Compatible for unlimited categories and products (physical as well as virtual)
  • * Efficient restore and back up database solutions
  • * Product details and statistics for customers
  • * Multilingual/ Multi-currency support
  • * Database storage of orders to facilitate quick retrieval
  • * Interesting as well as detailed product descriptions to deliver better shopping experience
  • * Secured transactions
  • * Subscription facility of products to customers to receive newsletters/emails

FABLE E-commerce Solution consolidated tool-set of shopping cart applications contain everything you need to get started, right from selling shippable as well as downloadable goods over the web. From handling your customers, products, online store data to orders placed, FABLE have and will always remain their client's success partners.

Benefits of Virtual Shops / E-commerce Websites :

1.Helps Create New Relationship Opportunities: - Expanding or opening an eBusiness can create a world of opportunity and helps to establish new relationships with potential customers, potential business associates and new product manufacturers. Just by being in an easy to find location that is accessible to users all over the world, you will be available for others to find and approach you about new opportunities. Customers who don't know you exist will know about you, product suppliers will request you add their items and other businesses will approach you about partnership opportunities. Many of these opportunities would not present themselves without an Online presence or site for them to discover you on their own.

2. Open for Business 24x7 - An eCommerce site basically gives you the ability to have unlimited store hours, giving your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to shop and buy items from you. Some merchants choose to limit their hours to 5 days a week, but orders can still be made over the weekend and customers can still make contact 24/7 via email, phone or fax. In addition, the costs associated with having your store open 24/7 are much less than maintaining a physical storefront or phone operator with 247 operation capability. You can literally take orders and let customers shop while you sleep, take vacations or from remote locations.

3. Increases Brand or Product Awareness - Having an Online business means that you can literally reach out to millions of consumers looking for what you sell anywhere in the world. By reaching out to new markets and displaying your site prominently in front of them, you will be able to help increase your company/domain brand name and also increase awareness about your product line. By giving users 24/7 access in an easy to find location, you will help to create more word of mouth buzz for your eBusiness, in turn helping to promote your brand name and products. Users who haven't heard of you will discover you exist and help spread the word about you.

4. Helps Establish Customer Loyalty - IAn eCommerce storefront will help create an easier means for your customers to purchase the items you sell and offers a unique way to display and describe your products in a informative, visual and interactive way. The customers you have will become more loyal shoppers each time they visit, making eCommerce great for improved customer satisfaction and visitor loyalty. Now that you offer your products for sale Online, consumers will be able to shop from your catalog more easily, get updates on new items or product discounts and can shop or buy anytime they wish.

5. Potential to Decrease Some Costs - In addition to potentially increasing sales and profits, eBusiness owners can also typically reduce the costs of running their business by moving it or expanding it into the Online world. eCommerce stores can run with less employees including sales staff, customer service reps, order fulfillment staff and others. eBusinesses also do not need a physical location in order to stay operational, which can reduce costs related to building leases, phone bills, utility costs and other costs associated with running a brick-and-mortar storefront.

6. Expands Geographical or Customer Reach: - As mentioned, owning an eCommerce business typically means no limits as to who and where you can sell your products. Some countries outside the United States have additional regulations, licensing requirements or currency differences, but generally you will not be limited on the customers you can reach out to. Physical storefronts are limited to the city in which they are located, Online businesses aren't limited unless you put geographical limits in place. At the very least, you should consider targeting U.S. buyers, but also consider, Canada, UK, Australia and others. Sell to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Our Offerings

  • GUI Designing: Website, Applications, landing Page, etc
  • Themes: Joomla, Wordpress, Oscommerce, others.
  • CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Easy CMS, etc.
  • E-commerce: Oscommerce, Magento, Presta Shop,etc.
  • Products: School & Colleges ERP, Real-estate ERP
  • Marketing: SEO, SEM, SMO, Email marketing
  • Mobile Development: Andriod Apps, iPhone Apps, Blackberry Apps.

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FABLE professionals are very hard working and sincere team, who applies them self well to any problem with a "never say die" approach, wish them success in their efforts !

Great group to work with. Very responsive and professional. Great communication. Was able to accept suggestions and make changes on time. Overall - great experience! Will use this company for my next project.

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